March 2018

Terrariums - Such Fun to Create!

Table top gardens (Terrariums) are a fun and easy way to bring the outdoors in, adding greenery to indoor spaces.  You can purchase all of the supplies at your local garden centre, or if you would like to send one to a friend you can find kit set Terrariums here at Tree Gifts for delivery NZ wide.

What you need:

  • A clear glass bowl or jar
  • Small pebbles for drainage
  • Succulents, or small Cactus / House Plants
  • Potting Soil for Succulents / Cacti
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Sand or decorative pebbles for the top layer
  • A spoon for digging

Creation Instructions:

  1. Start with a medium glass open top container, you can really use anything that you fancy, a vase, fish bowl, terrarium bowl, as long as it is open topped you are good to go.
  2. Fill the bottom of the container with 2-4cm of small rocks to collect water and assist with drainage. Sprinkle your activated charcoal on top.
  3. Next add a layer of potting soil.  The soil should be deep enough for the plants to root, about 5-6cm.
  4. Starting with the largest plant, remove it from its container and dust off the excess soil from the root ball.  Using the end of a spoon (or poke a hole with an iceblock stick), make a hole in the soil big enough for the roots to nestle inside then tap the soil down firmly around to hold it in place.  Leave a little room for it to grow and then continue planting the other succulents (working from largest to smallest)

    Tip:  It is easiest if you start planting from the back of your container and work forwards.

  5. Once the plants are arranged, add your sand or your decorative pebble layer around the plants.  Add a few touches to complete the look, toys, miniature houses, driftwood, shells… whatever you would like in your little world.

    Tip: Succulents like to have direct sunlight every day. Lightly water the terrarium base every two weeks or once the soil dries out.

Have some fun, add dinosaurs for a prehistoric feel from the kids toy box or shells from a beach trip. We would love to see your creations - share a picture on our Facebook page to show everyone!  

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