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About Us

A little about Tree Gifts NZ

Tree Gifts NZ came to life back in 2005.  Like many others around New Zealand, for years, we sent flowers on special occasions to family and friends. From the birth of a baby, to the death of a loved one, and everything in between.

However, two things always came to mind when ordering flowers.  Firstly, the rising cost of a bunch of flowers! and secondly, like it or not, they would ultimately wilt and end up in the bin after a week (two at best).  Now I'm not sure about you, but having your gift head off to the bin really didn't sit too well with us.  Of course we love flowers, especially if they are still growing on living plants! So this got us thinking...

After a few coffees and a bit of a chat, we came up with the idea of sending trees and plants as gifts for special occasions around NZ.  It really made sense. With the state of the planet and global warming on the rise, trees and plants not only had the longevity we were after as a gift, but their sustainable nature meant that they were fantastic in the fight on climate change.  


Tree Gifts NZ therefore came to life, and many years later, we continue to be immensely proud of the gifts that we provide and the service we offer to our customers.  After all, who wouldn't remember where the lemon tree they received and planted came from, even 15 years from now!  

Our commitment to our clients

Tree and plant gifts sent from our offices often represent hope, encouragement and love and it is our number one priority to ensure our gifts are received by their recipients in the same condition as in which they left our offices.  

All of our gift trees are hand selected on order from our nursery to ensure you always get the very best quality product.  Unlike other suppliers, we won't disrupt the root cell of the plant to place it into yet another pot before sending, we want to ensure your gift remains strong and healthy with the best start in life.  We will however gently encase the original growing pot in hessian and ribbon before delicately enclosing it in tissue, making a beautiful gift with an element of surprise as it is unwrapped.

For our team, it's all about the whole gifting experience. We pride ourselves on each gift being beautifully presented, as if you put the gift together yourself.  

If you have a question or would simply like to chat we would love to hear from you:


Phone: 0800 87 33 44
Email: treegifts@paradise.net.nz


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