5 Reasons Why Sympathy Plants Are More Suitable Than Flowers


Sympathy plants make the idea gift for family, friends and colleagues when they are faced with the passing of someone special. Unlike flowers, sympathy plants will not wither and die after a few days. Instead, they provide the bereaved with something tangible they can use to help remember their loved one.

Why We Should All Be Giving Sympathy Plants

A sympathy plant is a small tree, pot plant or succulent given to show compassion and kindness to someone who is bereaved. We believe that plants are the new flowers because:

Longer lasting than traditionally given flower bouquets, they are the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Long lasting – rather than dying within the first few days of being received, sympathy plants can be enjoyed for longer.

  • Memorial tree – planting a tree in memory to honour a life has beautiful symbolism, in that it will show that life does continue, and we just need to take it one day at a time.

  • Improve environment – whether the plant is kept small in a pot or planted outdoors in the garden, it will help improve the aesthetics of the location and the wellbeing of the recipient.

  • Respectful and supportive – a plant is a thoughtful and respectful way of showing your sympathy for someone’s recent loss. Plants are unlikely to be seen as offensive, but instead a reminder that someone cares and is thinking about them.

  • Anniversary gift – a living tree which can be planted and cared for provides some comfort during those difficult anniversaries. They help remind the recipient that they are thought of at this difficult time.

It is never easy to acknowledge and support the grief of another person. While simply being there is often more important than what we say or what we can give, it is nice to be able to give a gift to the bereaved. As well as our range of Tree Gifts, we have also put together a collection of Sympathy Gifts and Care Packages which also contain a living tree. These are lovely to be able to hand over when visiting, or if you are unable to be there, a thoughtful gift to send to show you care.

If you need any assistance in selecting a gift, or would like us to customise one for you, please ask. 

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