9 Creative and Unique Uses for Lemons

Got plenty of lemons? Great, because we’ve got plenty of ideas on uses for lemons to stop them from going to waste. Never fear, you’ll find no lemon honey recipe or recommendations to drink hot lemon and water in this article. Instead, we’ve put together a collection of nine clever uses for lemons you may not have even heard of, both inside and outside.

9 Uses for Lemons You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (We Said... Probably) 

If it is one thing a good old kiwi backyard has, it’s a lemon tree. A staple from way back in the colonial days, lemon trees were traditionally grown to provide vitamin C, a necessary vitamin to treat scurvy. With scurvy uncommon nowadays, other uses for lemons have been identified, including these nine beauties:

  1. Fruit and vegetable washer – the antibacterial and citric acid properties in lemon juice will help to remove any unwanted sprays and bacteria which have found your way onto your fruit and veges.

  2. Keep out the bugs – spraying your baseboards, windowsills and cupboard entrances with lemon juice and white vinegar can deter ants, spiders and cockroaches.

  3. Toilet stain cleaner – mix up a paste of lemon juice and salt to apply to stains on your toilet bowl. Leave for a short time then scrub to remove stains naturally.

  4. Remove mineral deposits – rubbing a cut lemon over your chrome taps and drains is said to remove mineral deposits. Make sure to rinse and dry these when finished.

  5. Weed killers – spray those little annoying weeds with lemon juice or a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar. Who would have thought lemons were natural weed killers?

  6. Cheese grater cleaner – got some cheese stuck on your greater? Instead of scrubbing it off, run the cut side of a lemon down to remove those cheesy bits and clear it up nicely.

  7. Stop digging pests – sick of the cat digging up your garden. Store lemon rinds in your freezer and regularly bury them (the rinds, not the cat) just under the dirt surface to discourage them from digging.

  8. Fish smells gone – get rid of fish smells on your hands by rubbing them with cut lemons. This also works on chopping boards.

  9. Make buttermilk – forget about popping down to the supermarket. Make your own buttermilk by adding lemon juice to regular milk (1 cup milk to 1 tbs lemon juice, stand for 5 mins)

So, if your lemon tree is straining to hold itself up, celebrate! There are plenty of brilliant uses for lemons including one of our favourites, lemon in tea (no, it doesn’t count as hot lemon and water!). If you haven’t yet got yourself a lemon tree, or know a friend who needs one, head over to buy a lemon tree now!


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