Finding NZ’s Best Living Christmas Trees


While the smell of a freshly cut pine tree is lovely, we feel that you just can’t beat living Christmas trees! Often, they start their lives in a pot which comes inside during December. As the tree grows, it is re-potted and remains a yearly indoor visitor until it gets too big. That’s when it is planted outside and remembered for all its seasonal service in years to come.

Yes, you can tell we are fans of living Christmas trees here at Tree Gifts! From the traditional pine tree through to conifers and fruit trees, we’ve put together some ideas for your living Christmas tree this holiday season.

Ideas for Living Christmas Trees 

Around October each year (yes, that is far too early), faux trees begin appearing in department stores. But this year you’re not keen on a plastic tree, even if fibreoptic lights are included! Having a live Christmas tree that actually has roots in a pot (as some think a live tree is one that has been cut down) is special. You could think of it as being like a treasured ornament whose memories are revived year after year.

As for which trees make the best potted and living Christmas trees, we’ve got a few ideas:

  • Fruit trees – here you get a few bonuses; fruit trees produce fruit, kind of like built in and no fuss decorations! You’ll be able to pick your fruit and enjoy your tree for years to come. Lime trees are ideal for this!

  • Pine trees – the good old Kiwi Christmas tree, but one you’ll need to trim regularly to keep it small enough to live in a pot.

  • Conifers – these evergreens are relatively easy to shape into an attractive tree. They don’t shed, but still offer an attractive ‘tree aroma.’ Not too good for hanging individual decorations on, but ok for tinsel.

  • Cycads – similar in appearance to ferns, but more exotic looking, when a few years old grow a woody trunk and spikey foliage up top – perfect for decorations.

  • Magnolias – they won’t flower at Christmas, but their long lean limbs are perfect for stringing tinsel upon.

    Of course, it doesn’t have to be a large tree that you choose; bonsai Christmas tree anyone?

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