Ins and Outs of Cooking with Limes

If baking and cooking with limes sounds great to you, then you’re our kind of person! Limes have such special qualities that we couldn’t not dedicate an entire article on just how wonderful and useful they are in the kitchen, and indeed around the home. They’re not in season for long, but we think they are well worth the wait. So grab yourself a cuppa and get ready for some mouth-watering ways of cooking with limes.

Your Guide to Cooking with Limes 

Just like other citrus, there are a few different varieties of limes available. Here at Tree Gifts, we prefer the Tahitian Lime, which is a vigorous grower that produces small to medium sized thin skin fruit. Ripening in winter, the Tahitian Lime has no seeds and an incredibly juicy fruit – need we say anymore?

Regardless of the lime variety you have at home, this collection of tips on cooking with limes is sure to please:

  • Making a cream-based sauce? A small squeeze of lime juice can lighten it up but add too much and you’ll end up with a curdled mess.

  • Lime juice and zest can replace salt in some dishes and the juice can prevent discolouring of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • To extract the maximum amount of juice from a lime, freeze for 24 hours and then thaw in the fridge before juicing.

  • To prevent being squirted with juice when squeezing a lime wedge, pierce the flesh with a fork before squeezing.

  • When cooking with limes, avoid aluminium pots and pans as the acid in the lime reacts with the aluminium and changes the food flavour and colour.

  • Got a lime surplus? Send them to us! Or you could freeze your limes whole or squeeze the juice into ice cube trays and freeze.

  • Tenderise your meat with a lime juice marinade and not only will it taste great, but it is a healthy salt-free alternative.

To get your hands on one of our lime trees or give one as a gift to someone special, head over and add one to a gift box today!

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