Is There Ever a Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?


Once more, it’s time to search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Each year, the second Sunday in May raises our stress levels as we search for the magical unicorn that will make our Mum feel loved. We scroll through Google and visit numerous shops in our quest, and end up thinking the same thing: there is no perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Sad but true, there isn’t a must buy, must have present every mother would love: there are hundreds! With hundreds to choose from, your brain goes into overdrive trying to decide which one to buy. Chocolates? Flowers? The last resort pair of socks?

Nope. None of those are special enough for Mum. Just what can you do?

How to Pick the Best Mother’s Day Gift 

You know your Mum best. You know her likes, dislikes, favourite food, shoe size (ok, maybe not). However, the point is, you are the best person to decide on what Mother’s Day present to buy her. Jot down the answers to these questions to help you:

  • What are her favourite colours?
  • What does she need that she doesn’t have?
  • What gifts has she enjoyed receiving in the past?
  • Does she like or comment on certain product posts on social media?
  • What does she love but would never buy for herself?
  • Has she ever said she’d like to do or have something?
  • What is your budget?
  • Would she prefer a gift she could enjoy now or one which will last for years to come?
  • Does she have any allergies?
  • What things hold special meanings for her?
  • What does she enjoy doing?
  • What are her favourite stores to shop in or visit?

The answers from the above questions will give you plenty of material to help you make a decision. However, that’s not all the help you’ll get from us! Next, we’ll share some of New Zealand’s best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Buying the Best Mother’s Day Gift in NZ

Where, you may ask, can I find this ultimate and exactly right for my Mum Mother’s Day present. Well, here at Tree Gifts of course!

We've put together a whopping collection of gift boxes and treats for Mum. We believe that the best present is a living one, and most of our gift boxes contain a living gift. From a kowhai to an olive, a camellia to a lemon tree, there’s something Mum can plant in a pot or her garden. Then come the other goodies in the gift box, such as edible treats or pampering body products. If you head over and take a look at our Mother’s Day gift range, you won’t need to spend hours hunting: it’s all in one place. We’d also love to hear from you if you wanted a personal recommendation from us on which gift box to give Mum too.

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