Looking for Hanging Basket Ideas? We’ve Got ‘Em!


If you’re looking for hanging basket ideas, you are in luck. Like with other aspects of gardening and plant care, we’ve got plenty of suggestions to keep your hanging baskets looking great all summer long.

5 Hanging Basket Ideas to Enjoy This Summer

While we’re big on trees, which will come as no surprise, we also love annuals, succulents and bonsais. That’s quite lucky really, because a magnolia or kowhai tree are unlikely to be terribly happy growing in a hanging basket! When it comes to hanging basket ideas, we do have plenty and today we’ve got five to share with you.

  1. Go bold and go bright – hanging baskets make a great feature in any garden, and when you use plants which have bright foliage and flowers, the impact is even greater. Choose bright and bold colours such as reds, oranges, purples and yellows to make a statement this summer.

  2. Explore different hanging basket ideas – while a coconut mat and wire basket are the norm, it’s not the only type you could use. We’ve seen large plastic containers repurposed into baskets, as well as wicker shopping baskets or rope bases too. Remember to line your base with plastic to help it retain moisture.

  3. Consider length – plants which trail over the sides and down a hanging basket look stunning. Ferns, lobelia, fuchsias and geraniums make great trailing plants in these baskets.

  4. Culinary masterpiece – while a cabbage may look a bit strange, a selection of edible flowers, herbs and mesclun lettuce growing in a basket near the kitchen window wouldn’t. In fact, it would be great alternative to all of those herbs on the window ledge.

  5. Show your true colours – if you are a bit of a sports fan, why not support your team by transforming your hanging basket into a visual cheer squad. Who will win: the red geranium baskets of Marlborough, the marigolds of King Country or the white lobelia with green ferns of Manawatu?

Inside your hanging baskets, it’s important to use a good quality potting mix to help the baskets to retain moisture during the summer months. And of course, you can get some fabulous seed bombs to plant into your baskets right here at Tree Gifts!

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