Planting a New Zealand Native Garden at Home

There’s nothing quite like the sounds and sights of a native garden humming with activity. A welcome sign for the local Kererū, Tui, Weta and (ever hopeful) the famous Kiwi, a garden full of NZ native plants is within the reach of everyone! 

We’ll walk you through the process of planning and preparing your garden, choosing the best native trees to plant and how to care for them.

Creating the Ultimate Native Garden at Home 

First up you’ll need to take some time to head out to your local parks and bush walks. Make a note of native plants that grow well in your area and how big they grow. Also add to the list the names of your favourite native plants, such as Kōwhai, Mānuka, Pōhutukawa and Kanuka. From here, you’ll be
ready to get started:

  • Sketch a map of your garden, including measurements and plants which will be staying. Include details about the amount of exposure to the elements, type of soil and whether it is damp underfoot or not.

  • Using your plan and your notes so far, decide on which areas (or the entire thing) you will transform into your native garden. Which areas best suit short shrubs and ground cover? Do you need any tall specimen trees or hedging?

  • Decide upon your colour scheme next. Will you add contrasting greens next to each other, or add splashes of colour?

  • Now you can pick out all your plants! Remember to take their preferred habitat, size, texture and care requirements into consideration when making your decisions. You can order your native trees from us even; how handy is that?!

  • Prepare the ground for their imminent arrival. Thanks to the low maintenance of most native plants, other than adding some compost to freshly dug soil and a weed free area, there’s not that much to do.

After you’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to sit back and jot down the things you’ll need to do regularly to keep them looking fabulous. Adding mulch to keep the ground moist and reduce weeds, pruning and lots of admiration is about all that is needed.

Remember to add some seating so you can spend time outside enjoying your efforts too. Perhaps borrow a book on native wildlife from the library to help you identify all the new arrivals would be a good idea. And of course, a cup of tea with a bickie!

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