Pruning Trees and Shrubs in Winter

It is time to get those shears out because pruning trees and shrubs is one of winter’s must-do tasks. Yes, I know it is cold and you’d rather be inside looking out on the garden, but this can’t wait. Winter is the optimum time to prune your trees because thanks to the cold. New growth has stopped, deciduous trees have shed their leaves and plant diseases are at low levels.

Pruning trees and shrubs regularly helps them to keep their shape, as well as being able to have damaged branches removed to encourage new growth. Knowing how to prune correctly helps reduce the risks of infections entering the tree and tree damage occurring.

Top Tips for Optimal Tree Pruning

Being avid tree fans, we’ve put together a collection of tips we feel are important to know when it comes to pruning trees and shrubs in your garden:

  • use sharp tools – these will give a better cut, causing less damage and reducing the chance of any infection occurring on the cut branch ends

  • cutting – make your cuts close to the edge of the trunk, bud or lateral branch.

  • observation – take a good look for any dead, dying, damaged or diseased branches and remove these first.

  • crossovers – remove branches that cross over one-another, as well as those rubbing together. This helps get light and airflow to each part of the tree, avoiding wet areas which lead to diseases occurring.

  • suckers – if new ‘trees’ or suckers appear from the base of a tree, remove them. They just take up resources your tree needs otherwise.

  • look up – if your tree has grown too tall and is near or touching any power lines, call the professionals to prune it for you!

  • secateurs – secateurs are good for using on small branches. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t snip it easily in one try, the branch is too big to cut with secateurs.

  • undercut – larger, thicker branches should be cut using an undercut. This prevents tears occurring in the bark, leading to disease growth. A pruning saw is best for this.

If you are a bit stumped (get it, stumped?!) about pruning any of the trees we offer as Tree Gifts, we’d be more than happy to help put you on the right branch (or track). Then once you’ve finished pruning and discover you have plenty of space in your garden, remember we’ve got plenty of marvellous tree specimens you could add….



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