What’s the Reason Behind Mother’s Day Flowers?

Giving Mother’s Day flowers is a longstanding and firm tradition both here in NZ and overseas. From floral bouquets to stunning flowering camellias, they are a gift every Mum loves to receive. We were wondering though, why exactly children and partners give Mother’s Day flowers. So, we found out and today we’re sharing that with you.

Exploring the Tradition of Giving Mother’s Day Flowers 

The tradition of Mother’s Day began not in America, but in the UK. Mothering Sunday originated in 17th century England upon the fourth Sunday of Lent. A church service was held to honour the Virgin Mary, which was then followed by the giving of flowers and gifts to their own mums.

Then along came American women Anna Jarvis, who in the early 1900s strived to create a day dedicated to honouring all mothers. She then had the second Sunday in May proclaimed as a national celebration by President Wilson in 1914.

Here in New Zealand, it is said that we didn’t follow either the English or American traditional celebrations, but instead created our own. Selina Cossgrove, the wife of Scouting NZ Lieutenant Colonel David Cossgrove is said to be the reason why the tradition exists in our country. Selina’s granddaughter Norma Wood says that a group of Cossgrove’s Scouts wanted to do something to show their appreciation of Selina upon her birthday in 1909. Selina instead said that they should honour their own mother, which then began the tradition of Mother’s Day in NZ.

But what about the flowers?

It turns out that there are a few reasons why we give Mother’s Day flowers:

  • Flowers are plentiful throughout the world, and it is Spring in both American and England during their Mother’s Day dates.

  • Flowers are a symbol of both fertility and life, both of which mothers have.

We know you’re wondering about which Mother’s Day flowers to give your Mum, so we found that one out too!

Guide to Choosing Mother’s Day Flowers 

Flowers are symbolic and many have been given specific meanings associated with Mother’s Day. Some of our favourites are:

  • Carnations – signifying purity, love, charity, beauty and faith
  • Camellias – a beautiful way of representing longevity and gratitude
  • Lilly - representing motherhood itself
  • Roses – from happiness to love and friendship
  • Tulips – signifying comfort, happiness and cosiness

While bouquets are beautiful, a living flower lasts much longer. This Mother’s Day, give Mum a Camellia Tree Gift and show her you care.

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