7 Exciting Ideas for Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours


It’s no wonder that the popularity of eco-friendly wedding favours has risen sharply over the past few years! With their concern for the environment and our desire to showing their commitment towards sustainability, brides to be (and their grooms) have been hunting for the favours to give to their guests.

Being in the eco-friendly product industry, we often receive requests from customers to help them with their wedding, and today we’re here to help you! We’ll share some of our eco-friendly wedding favour ideas to hopefully spark some ideas for your upcoming green wedding.

7 Must See Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – sorry, we meant GREEN! Having an environmentally friendly wedding is top of the list for many couples. They want to ensure that their special day doesn’t have any negative effects on the environment, and there’s a lot to consider. From the use of recycled paper for wedding invitations, travel miles for food and guests, through to the packaging of their wedding gifts, everything must be eco-friendly. Thankfully there are many options available to help couples achieve this, and one of those is by choosing green wedding favours. Here are seven to consider:

  1. Individual herb seedlings – using recycled jars, pot up tiny herb seedlings and place them at each guest’s table.

  2. Flower seeds – collect seeds from your favourite flower or one which has its own Wrap them up inside a recycled paper envelope and label with each guest’s name. Include a poem which incorporates the name of the flower.

  3. Tree favours – forget having cut flowers on your reception tables: use tree favours instead! Our Kete Bag tree favours make the perfect memento for your guests to take home.

  4. Consider giving your guests wildflower seed bomb to take home to scatter through the garden. The artwork tag designed by yourself can have whatever you like and can be given out as guests arrive at your ceremony or reception.

  5. Bird feeders – a lovely idea for winter weddings is to give individual seed bird feeders to guests. Easy to make with wild bird seed and gelatine inside a shaped mould, you can help guests remember your special day each time by encouraging birds into their garden.

  6. Charity donation – for each guest, donate a small amount to a charity of your choice. Give each guest a note written on seed paper or a seed card (which they can take home and plant in a pot) explaining what you have done in their name.

  7. Handmade goodies – a recycled paper bag filled with a few pieces of homemade fudge always goes down well!



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