Our Story

Back in 2004 (yep, 20 years ago!), we found ourselves needing to send a sympathy gift to a friend across NZ. What could we send? Maybe flowers, but wouldn’t they already have a house full of them?

In NZ and around the world, fresh flowers are traditionally seen as the go to sympathy gift. Conditioned from our experiences with grief growing up, we continue with the gifting of flowers to others to express our sorrow.

The issue is though, in the days after the flowers have arrived, the recipient is left with a wilted bouquet and dropped petals dying on the counter top. Is this really the message we want to send? That all beautiful things eventually die?

We turned to the internet looking for an alternative, a gift perhaps with longevity and more meaning behind it.  Sadly though, after hours of searching online, we could find nothing but flowers to send.

Now there’s an idea!

This led to a discussion with family & friends who talked about purchasing trees to mark the birth of their children. Now there’s an idea!  A tree was a green, sustainable gift that could grow in memory of the occasion; a gift that would give back to the environment in which it lives and with the right care could bring joy to many for generations to come. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could order and send a plant or living tree gift for delivery anywhere in the country?  What a fabulous way New Zealander’s and those sending gifts to family and friends living in NZ could “green their gifting”.  Gifts that would be treasured for years to come. On that very day, Tree Gifts NZ was born.

Our commitment to you

Gifts sent from our offices often represent hope, encouragement and love for a range of occasions from birthdays to anniversaries, thank you's to newborn baby gifts, and in times of sympathy to comfort and support.  It’s our number one priority to ensure your gifts are received by recipients in the identical top-notch condition in which they left us.

All of our gift trees and plant gifts are hand selected upon your order directly from our nursery. This ensures you will always receive the very best plant or tree available. Unlike other suppliers, we won't disrupt the root cell of the plant to place it into yet another pot before sending, nor will we repot it into something ceramic with no drainage holes that it can't be kept in - how pointless is that!

We will however gently encase the original growing pot in hessian and ribbon before delicately enclosing it in tissue (all recyclable or reusable).

As well as making a beautiful gift for your recipient to unwrap, this also ensures it arrives in the best condition, strong and ready to continue growing.  There is no hurry either, plants can stay in their growing pots for 2-3 months after delivery once the hessian wrap is removed, plenty of time to sort out where they may like to pop it, in a container or garden.

From the moment your order is placed, our team remains focused on providing the ultimate gifting experience. We pride ourselves on each gift being beautifully presented, as if you put the gift together yourself.

If you have a question or would simply like to chat about our products, we would love to hear from you.

Phone: 0800 87 33 44
Email: info@treegifts.co.nz

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