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How to Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

How to Create a Bee-Friendly Garden
Do you have a bee-friendly garden? We think everyone should, and we’ll explain what one is and how you can easily create your own bee-friendly garden at home.

Business Gifts That Grow Together with Your Business Relationships

Beginners Guide to Corporate Green Gifts
Needing business gifts with a wow factor? Our eco-friendly corporate gift range is available throughout New Zealand, and we’d love to help put together your business gifts this year!

Caring for Your Fruit Trees: A Backyard Gardener’s Guide

Caring for Your Fruit Trees: A Backyard Gardener’s Guide
A traditional feature in Kiwi gardens for generations, fruit trees give us so much joy! We share five tips to help you ensure that you enjoy bountiful harvests from your fruit trees for years to come.

Writing Thoughtful Sympathy Card Messages

Writing Thoughtful Sympathy Card Messages

No one knows what to say when someone dies, and words often fail us. We share some beautiful and thoughtful sympathy card messages to help make this difficult time a bit easier.


5 Tips on Caring for Your Camellia Tree

Tips on Caring for your Camellia Trees
Your Camellia tree will give you years of stunning blooms and foliage with only a tiny bit of effort.  Learn these five top tips on caring for your Camellia and enjoy having this gorgeous tree grace your garden or pot today.

Gifting a Kowhai Tree: It’s Symbolism & Characteristics

Blog Post - Gifting a Kowhai Tree
A beautiful eco-friendly gift, a Kowhai tree remains one of our top sellers! With stunning bright yellow flowers popular with many native birds, it’s a gift anyone would love to receive. We explain the symbolism and characteristics of this beautiful native tree!

7 Exciting Ideas for Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

Tree Gifts Blog on Eco Friendly Weddings
Looking for some ideas for your eco-friendly wedding favours? We’ve made a list of seven of what we believe are the nicest environmentally friendly favours for your upcoming wedding!

Deciduous Verses Evergreen Trees: Which Should You Pick?

Tree Gifts Autumn Leaves
Here in NZ, we are lucky to be able to have such variety in the deciduous and evergreen trees we can plant at home. We share the differences between each, helping you to pick the right one for your garden.

Air Plants: Your Perfect Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Blog - Air Plants NZ

Have you been wondering if you’re doomed for a life with dead pot plants?  Wonder no more because air plants are perfect for you! Find out more and buy yours now.

When Flowers Aren’t Enough – Your Sympathy Gift Giving Guide

Blog - Sympathy Gifts NZ
Sadly, death is a part of life and we offer our condolences to you for needing to find a sympathy gift giving guide. Friend or loved one, work colleague or family member, having to say goodbye to someone is very difficult.

Need Eco-Friendly Gifts? Here’s Our Sustainable Gift Giving Guide!

Blog - Sustainable Gift Giving NZ
When it comes to eco-friendly gifts, our sustainable gift giving guide has got you covered!  The gifts we choose to give to family, friends and clients should be environmentally friendly or have as little negative impact as possible.

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees!

Lemon Tree Gifts - Blog
Money may not grow on trees, but fruit picked straight from the garden could be the next best thing. There’s such a great feeling that comes from walking around the garden picking fruit to nourish the family rather than heading to the supermarket. 

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