Creating an Edible Backyard


Imagine stepping outside your door and being greeted with an abundance of fruit and vegetables. Well, it certainly isn’t a pipe dream any longer, as many people now enjoy having an edible backyard. Whether it is formally designed or planted wherever there is space, an edible backyard can be yours too.

Growing an Edible Backyard

Back in the ‘olden days,’ it would be unusual for a residential garden to not have the obligatory plum or apple tree. Some had more exotic stone fruit trees, others had the good old lemon tree. Then there was the large vegetable patch from which at least part of dinner would be coming from.

Today is different, with many people not having the space to grow a garden, the time, energy or know-how to grow their own food. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated, as you’ll see from these key points:

  • Start with a small plan – it’s best to get things moving and successful with just one main thing, such as growing a lemon tree. You could do this in a suitable area of the garden, or even in a large container pot.

  • Make a list – list down all of the fruit and vegetables that you and your family enjoy. Check that they can be grown in your area successfully, and in which season.

  • Map out your backyard – all fruit trees have their favourite spots, be it full sun or sheltered from the elements. Take note of the soil drainage, shady and sunny areas, and the amount of space that each part of your edible garden will need to thrive.

  • Complete any long-term maintenance – improving your garden drainage or creating a compost bin or worm farm helps to keep your plants and trees happy and healthy moving forwards.

  • Garden calendar – find out what your plants and trees will need to thrive and when they need it. For instance, plant citrus after the risk of frosts has passed. Mark these tasks on your calendar.

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