NZ’s Most Thoughtful Condolence Gifts

When someone passes, one of the many things that go through one’s head is ideas about sending one or more thoughtful condolence gifts. It doesn’t matter if you live nearby or further away, the giving of sympathy flowers or other appropriate items goes a little way in showing just how sorry we are for the recipients’ loss.

Selecting one of the many sympathy gifts which echo your sentiments is the next difficult job. You want to give something more than just flowers which will wilt and die within a few days. Instead, you want to gift something that is both useful and meaningful. A remembrance tree is one option, for example. Or a sympathy gift box containing a few treats and a living gift is another thoughtful condolence gift.

To make selection easier, we’ve put together a collection of sympathy gift ideas along with their meanings when appropriate for you to select from:

  • Native Kōwhai tree – as you know, the beautiful kowhai tree holds a special meaning for many, with Māori traditionally referring to it as the tree of life. This makes a lovely gesture to gift someone who is suffering a loss.
  • Sympathy gift box – inside a sympathy gift box you will likely find something to eat and drink, as well as small personal items such as had cream or body wash, just something small to let them know you care. We’ve carefully curated our collection of sympathy gift boxes and also have the option to include a living gift or other items of your choosing.
  • Photos and notes – many bereaved enjoy talking about their loved ones that have passed. Giving photos along with a short note detailing a memory you have to share of the person who has passed is always appreciated.
  • Remembrance tree – rather than flowers which will wilt and die over a few days, give someone special a remembrance tree. It’s a living memory they can plant and visit in their garden, something they can come back to over the following years and remember their loved one. We have a lovely article about choosing and dedicating a remembrance tree which includes details about the symbolism and characteristics of our recommended trees.
We are so sorry that you need to send a sympathy gift. Please accept our condolences and reach out to our team if we can help you in any way.

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