Air Plants: Your Perfect Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Air plants have a reputation as being an unkillable house plant. While we’re not too certain of the truth of this claim, we do know that they are incredibly low maintenance and perfect for those of us without green thumbs! Today we’re going to look further into exactly what air plants are, plus explain why they are the perfect low maintenance house plants!

What Are Air Plants? 

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are a species of plants which do not require soil or organic matter to grow into. There are over 700 different species of Tillandsia, do not have a root system and in the wild are found attached to the trunks and branches of trees. There are some varieties which do have a red flower, but air plants are mostly prized for their short, spiky foliage.

Originating from Mexico, South and Central America, Tillandsia are a part of the Bromeliad family. They absorb water through their leaves, and often don’t have a root system at all. If there are roots, these are mostly used as an anchor for the plant, not water absorption. Nutrients are also absorbed directly through the leaves from the air too!

Why Air Plants Make the Perfect Indoor Plants

As mentioned earlier, soil is not required for an air plant. This means that your plant is not limited to being displayed in a pot on your desk or table. Instead, you can hang an air plant upside down, rest it on a stand (like our air plants), or put it on a saucer. Small in size, they are ideal for homes and areas where space is limited. They’re also ideal for giving as a gift to someone in hospital or in a tiny house!

The low maintenance requirements of this popular indoor plant are another reason for their popularity. Requiring only a short soak once a week, plus some bright indirect light, they are ideal for those of us which forget to water our pot plants. In a warm or dry area, you may wish to mist the leaves once or twice a week with water from a spray bottle. A good tip to remember is that your air plant is most probably in need of a drink when you notice the leaves starting to curl inwards. Be certain to completely dry the air plants before putting them back upon their stand or bowl to avoid mould growth.

As a part of our tree gift range, we sell air plants on stands, hand crafted right here in house at Tree Gifts.   To learn more about our air plants or any of our tree gifts, feel free to contact our friendly team today!

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