Best Baby Gifts Mums Wish You Knew About!

Baby gifts have been given to newborns for centuries. From baby clothes to jewellery, each culture and country has their own gift giving traditions. In Brazil, newborns are given hand knitted red shoes to bring good luck and ward off the evil eye. In Egypt, a palm plant is given with the belief that it will protect baby from bad spirits. Silver spoons are given in Russia, silver anklets in India and here in New Zealand, and well, while we don’t seem to have a traditional gift, clothing is very popular.

The thing is though, while all gifts are much appreciated, babies do grow and soon those adorable little outfits are too small. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive something that would last for longer?

Top Baby Gifts in New Zealand 

It’s time to spill the beans and share with you our tips for the top five ultimate baby gifts in the country. Drum roll please….

  1. A tree gift – now we’re not just saying this because we happen to sell NZ’s best tree gifts. It’s actually because we know that giving a new baby a tree is something special. Each year, bubs can be photographed next to the tree on their birthday, as well as at other special milestones. We couldn’t think of anything lovelier than a tradition that continues for years to come.

  2. Baby gift box – yes, we sell these too, but ours are better. Inside each gift box there is of course a gorgeous tree that can be used for milestone photographs as baby grows. There is also a hand selected range of items for both the new Mum and baby. Chocolate may be one of them, just saying…

  3. Chocolate – we would be amiss if we didn’t add chocolate to our list of Mums most favourite baby gifts. Unfortunately, it does disappear rather quickly, so rather than just one bar, perhaps consider sending Mum an ongoing subscription!

  4. Money or gift vouchers – many new parents enjoy the nesting process from early on in pregnancy. They fit out the nursery, organise the stroller and purchase all of the cutest accessories they can find. This runs the real chance that they’ll receive baby gifts of things they already have. Cash or gift vouchers are just the thing here, and yup, we sell these too!

  5. Time – being a new parent is exhausting and there are just not enough hours in the day. Offer to do the washing, mow the lawn, watch baby while Mum is sleeping, cook some meals, do the housework – whatever you can do to make those first few months easier we know will be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like us to create a customised gift for a special new arrival and their Mum, just ask! We’d be more than happy to.


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