Guidelines to Planting Native Trees in NZ

Unsurprisingly, we are huge fans of planting native trees. From the unique foliage, variety of shapes and sizes, and the wildlife they attract, we can honestly say we’re in love with native trees! Then of course, there’s the bonus of being hardy, low maintenance and longevity too.

We’ve put together a short guide on planting native trees to help you give yours a great start in their new home.

Short Guide to Planting Native Trees

No matter whereabouts in the country you live, you’ll always find native trees that thrive in your area. While hardier than most, some native trees do have clear preferences regarding frost, salt spray, drought, and humidity, and will respond accordingly. The best thing is to firstly do your research and choose the best natives for your conditions.

Consider the width and height of the tree, what protection there is for it or what it will provide to other plants in years to come, how closely it can be planted to existing plants, and the location of any underground services or overhead powerlines.

Then comes time to prepare the site in which you will be planting. If you are planting in lawn, mow and then lift the turf where the tree will go. Add compost and dig in, keeping the site weed free until planting time. Weeding doesn’t finish then though, as the area will still need to be weed free to reduce competition for nutrients and moisture.

While you can plant year-round, late autumn, late winter and spring are the most suitable seasons. Keeping the ground well-watered is crucial, as well as having the soil moist before planting begins. Dig a hole which is twice the depth and width of your tree’s root ball. Place into the hole and cover the roots with soil, aiming to plant at the same depth as the soil line it had in the pot. Water thoroughly and mulch around the stem of the plant. You’ll find that the mulch helps keep moisture in the soil while providing great plant food, as well as helping to keep the weeds down.

There are many so wonderful native trees for urban spaces, some which are suitable for container planting! We’d love to help you choose natives to plant in your garden, so drop us a line and let us work our magic.


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