Money Doesn't Grow on Trees! - But Tree Gifts Count

Money may not grow on trees, but fruit picked straight from the garden could be the next best thing.  There’s such a great feeling that comes from walking around the garden picking fruit to nourish the family rather than heading to the supermarket. 

Fruit picked fresh from the tree which has been left to ripen naturally is often sweeter, juicer and full of more healthy vitamins than fruit that has been picked and put into storage for sale in supermarkets.

No matter how small your garden may be, the good news is you can grow fruit trees.  Many fruit trees come in dwarf varieties which can also be planted into containers should you, or your gift recipient live in an apartment setting where garden growing would be impossible.

Some top tips for growing fruit trees:

  1. Space – fruit trees require light.  Space plants out to take advantage of full sunlight, warm sunny spots assist with sweeter, riper fruit.

  2. Plant – best planted in winter through to the end of spring when the tree is dormant in rich fertile soil. To plant in the garden dig a hole twice the width and depth of the root ball, add compost and sheep pellets to give it a boost.  Protect from the winter cold with frost cloth. 

  3. Watering – water well over the warm summer months however take note not to over water. The rule of thumb is if the soil is already damp – don’t water.

  4. Fertilise once every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (Sprint / Summer) feeding with citrus / fruit tree fertilizer

  5. Pests / Disease – Common on fruit trees, regularly check for pests – if you spot any unusual goings on with your tree, visit your local garden centre for advice and the right treatment.

  6. Harvesting – For the first season of fruit, remove fruit as it appears, this encourages a better harvesting season in the following year. The best way to remove fruit from the tree is to cut it off at the stalk rather than twisting.

Next time you're looking for a gift, why not send a gift that counts - a fruit tree they'll remember your gift every time they pick fruit to add to the G & T or to use in the kitchen - a gift that will last for years!.  Whether as a house warming or birthday gift, see our range of large fruit trees in the Tree Gifts NZ store.

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