Need Eco-Friendly Gifts? Here’s Our Sustainable Gift Giving Guide!

When it comes to eco-friendly gifts, our sustainable gift giving guide has got you covered!  Long gone are the days of gifts being given, used once and then thrown out.  Instead, people are looking to give gifts which are either friendly for the environment or have as little negative impact as possible.  We have created this eco-friendly gift giving guide to help make choosing sustainable gifts for your friends and family easy and fun.

Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifts in New Zealand

When giving an environmentally friendly gift, the same rules of gift giving still apply:  the recipient needs to like the present, and it needs to be within your budget.  We’ve done some research, and found New Zealand’s top eco-friendly gift ideas and we’re sharing them here with you!


  • Seed bombs make a perfect eco-friendly present! With no carbon footprint, seed bombs attract and encourage insect populations to thrive wherever they are planted.

  • We’ve all heard jokes about getting socks for Christmas! But some people enjoy being given a pair of socks because they need and use them. Look for socks made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and made using ethical manufacturing practices.

  • There are plenty of amazing gifts we can make from recycled materials at home. Many retailers are also now offering products for sale which have been manufactured using all or some recycled materials too. Check the packaging or the product description online to see what percentage of recyclable materials have been used. To get your ideas humming at what you could make, take a look at these recycled gift ideas:
  • Living gifts are ideal environmentally friendly presents. As a memorable and long-lasting gift, a tree gift will bring joy for years to come, as well as helping improve the local environment where it is planted.

  • Handmade beauty products are on the rise. If you’re not the DIY kind of person, there are plenty of local businesses whom hand make soaps, body butter and lotions you could purchase and give.

  • If you’re after an eco-friendly corporate gift, we’ve got plenty of ideas! From low-cost seed cards and  kete bag trees to air plants, there’s a gift for everyone and every budget!

  • You could offer a service to your recipients, such as a pre-paid massage or even a haircut or massage!

We’d love to help you find the perfect earth-friendly gift and can custom design it to your requirements too! Feel free to contact us to chat about your needs or if you’re ready to order, head to our online store now!

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