Tips On Planting a Memorial Tree for a Loved One

Have you considered gifting and planting a memorial tree for a loved one before?

It’s a beautiful symbolic gesture and one which creates a living monument to someone who is no longer here with us. As a life-affirming symbol, a memorial tree can assist with the grief process. It’s something you can lavish care and attention upon, as well as being something you can visit on anniversaries and other special days.

Other reasons to plant a remembrance tree include:

  • A tree will not fade away like cut flowers
  • An eco-friendly gift to someone you care about
  • Helps to improve the beauty of the local environment

If planting a memorial tree is right for you or someone you know, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you.

Choosing a Memorial Tree 

When selecting a tree, you will need to consider:

  • The site it will be planted at. The amount of wind and rain, average temperatures and location to other trees or buildings need to be taken into account.

  • If you want a flowering tree or not. Flowers can help draw attention to the tree, reminding someone about their loved one. Blooms which appear around the person’s birthday or perhaps wedding anniversary would work well. You could also select a tree upon flowers of the person’s favourite colour.

  • Special memories of the person. Was there a Kowhai tree in the church where they were married? Did they enjoy picking fruit from the garden? Perhaps a lime tree would be a great way to remember Grandma who enjoyed the odd gin and lime?

  • Tree symbolism. Did they have any favourite trees? Or you could choose the tree upon the symbolism it provides. A camellia symbolises adoration, longing and love, while a magnolia symbolises "something long lasting and held dear within the heart."

If you need assistance in selecting a memorial tree, we’d be honoured to help. Feel free to contact us for advice.

Exploring Your Options When Planting a Memorial Tree

Often a recipient of a memorial tree gift will plant it in their garden or in the garden of a family member. If they wanted to plant it in a public place such as a park, they would need to seek permission from the local authority to do so.

Some trees would be perfectly happy to stay in a container, which would allow them to move with the recipient if required. Others want a permanent place, and in this case, decorating the area around the tree with shells and pebbles would be a lovely idea. Involving children in the planting and care of the tree is a wonderful way to remember the loved one who has passed too.

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