Top 3 Autumn Gardening Projects

What’s not to love about getting outside and completing your autumn garden projects before winter arrives? Nothing! We love the cooler weather, the changing foliage, and the opportunity to ready the garden for the coldest season of the year.

So, we thought it was time to share with you our top three recommended garden projects in case you haven’t already completed them.

3 Must Do Autumn Garden Projects 

You’ve likely already got a rough idea as to what you want to achieve in the garden during autumn. In fact, it is probably a huge list! Each autumn, the Tree Gifts team works hard (on top of all our other jobs) to ensure we get:

  1. Spring bulbs planted – we’re quite fond of daffodils and freesias, so always have these on our planting list. Bulbs do not like to have wet feet, making it important that you plant them in an area which gets a lot of sun and has good drainage. We like to mass plant our bulbs for the ultimate colour impact.

  2. Our plants and shrubs planted – autumn is the best time to plant or replant your shrubs and trees. The weather and soil are still warm enough to encourage root growth, while the cooler and wetter weather help reduce stress on the plants. If you haven’t already, why not plant yourself a Kowhai tree this autumn so you’ll be ready for its gorgeous golden yellow flowers in the spring.

  3. The compost bin ready – the work here will depend on whether you need to build your compost bin, or simply make the necessary repairs to it, so we’ve covered both.

    • Repair – look for any protruding nails to bang in, loose or rotten planks to sort, uninvited weeds or insects to remove and the removal of any ready to go compost onto your garden beds.

    • Build – there are a few methods of building a compost bin. You could choose the wooden pallet option, where pallets are joined together into a square, with one on the bottom to ensure good aeration. Or buy a ready-made compost bin from the store. Or repurpose an old food grade plastic barrel, into which you have drilled holes at regular intervals.

Those warmer autumn days are also ideal for enjoying a last glass of bubbles or a coffee in the garden before winter arrives. So, make sure you add this to your to do list too!


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