Why Gift a Tree This Christmas?


This Christmas, we think you should gift a tree – or four! They’re the ideal Christmas present for so many reasons, and we’re sharing our top nine with you today.

9 Reasons Why You Should Gift a Tree for Christmas 

Do you still play with that little plastic doll or toy car you were given for your first Christmas? Do you even know where it is? We’ll take a punt and say the answer to both is no.

But what if your parents were gifted a tree to plant to mark the occasion of your first Christmas? Chances are that it will have grown up with you in the back yard and is now big enough for you to picnic underneath.

Trees are the ultimate Christmas gift not only because they are long lasting, but because they are memorable, appreciated and more! Here is a list of our top nine reasons why everyone should gift a tree this Christmas:

  1. Unique gifts – say goodbye to boring socks and undies! Trees make a unique gift that the recipient can treasure for a lifetime.

  2. Positive environmental impact – there’s no nasties used when growing trees! In fact, trees are the gift that counts.

  3. Improve air quality – during the life of a single tree, over more than one ton of carbon dioxide can be removed from the air.

  4. Benefit future generations – the best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The next best time is today! By planting a tree, your recipient is helping to make the world’s environment a better place for future generations to come.

  5. Restore habitats – trees provide shade and shelter for people as well as livestock and fauna. Let’s welcome back the birds and the bees again.

  6. Boost mental wellbeing – it is well known that trees and plants play a contributing role to the mental wellbeing of people. Spending time outdoors in the bush, a park or even next to your tree in a pot, can reduce the symptoms of depressions, anxiety, and stress!

  7. Cultural significance – many NZ native trees are of high cultural significance and importance. Many have been used for medicinal purposes, making of tools, waka, and whare.

  8. Help to improve the soil – trees help to improve soil quality, as well as reducing flooding and erosion thanks to their root systems.

  9. Wonderful memories and experiences – upon receiving a tree gift, the lucky recipient can choose where to plant it. They’ll be able to enjoy seeing it each day, watch it grow and enjoy time with it when they are outdoors.

So, this Christmas, gift a tree that will be remembered as the best Christmas present and talked about for years to come. And still be going beyond that!



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