Your Guide to Sustainable Corporate Gifts in NZ

Every year the demand for sustainable corporate gifts grows, and with it, the desire for well branded, useful and affordable options. We’re thrilled here at Tree Gifts to provide our corporate customers with sustainable corporate gifts which tick all of those boxes.

When it comes to the choosing of environmentally friendly corporate gifts, there are several things to consider including:

  • Country of origin
  • Reinforcement of your company’s values
  • Opportunities for personalisation
  • Branding requirements
  • Reusable, compostable or recyclable materials
  • Gift recipient

Let’s take a look at each point to help you select the ideal sustainable corporate gifts this year.

Choosing Sustainable Corporate Gifts

We consider there are six key factors to consider when choosing eco-friendly corporate gifts:

  1. Country of origin – buying locally made (or grown) gifts helps support the NZ economy. People enjoy knowing that the gift they have been given is supporting other NZ businesses.

  2. Reinforcement of your company’s values – does the gift reflect your company’s values? For instance, if you focus on using less paper in the office, giving a tree gift helps show your passion for keeping NZ clean and green.

  3. Opportunities for personalisation – does the gift have the ability for you to add the personal touch? Often this is through a hand written card, or the addition of items specific to the recipient.

  4. Branding requirements – is there the opportunity to have part of the gift branded with your logo? Can the packaging or even the contents reflect your company’s colours?

  5. Reusable, compostable or recyclable materials – to be a true sustainable and eco-friendly corporate gift, it needs to be made using responsible methods, use appropriate materials and be able to be disposed of thoughtfully after use.

  6. Gift recipient – finally, the gift needs to be something that the recipient will appreciate and use. The value of the gift chosen will depend on the relationship that person has with your company. Therefore, it is quite common for businesses to contact us to request sustainable corporate gifts at different price ranges.

Our focus at Tree Gifts, is to provide New Zealand businesses with eco-friendly corporate gifts which meet their needs, and those of their recipients. We invite you to view our range online, or get in touch with our team to discuss your exact requirements.

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