Caring for a Living Gift Before Gifting


Keeping Your Gift and Gifting Later? 

Like any living plant, your tree or plant gifts will require attention if you intend on keeping them with you for more than two days after receipt.  

If keeping for more than 2 days after receiving please gently remove the tree / plants from their boxes.  Place in a cool area with air flow around 1-2m from a window works well.  Please do not place them on the window sill in direct sunlight or they will overheat.

Hessian Wrapped Tree Gifts:  Remove from their box or Kete Bag 

Water by placing a drink bottle with a lid (think of a pump style bottle) upside down against the top of the hessian (for trees) next to the main trunk.  Give a squeeze of around 30-40ml (it’s not an exact science, but give enough to keep your tree hydrated).  Do not worry if any water pools on the top of the hessian simply place your finger hard against the top and this water will be forced through the holes, repeat every second day.  Keep upright for at least an hour before placing back into its box on the day of gifting.

If you’re still not sure,  this video link will help :

Air Plants:
If your gift includes Air Plants, they are super easy to care for.  Take out of the box and mist with water every day (or hold them under the cold tap).  Let them dry out completely.  Like the trees, nice cool area, with fresh air indoors about 1m from a window (filtered light).  The day before gifting, pop into a bowl of cool tap water to fully rehydrate (fully immerse them for an hour)  Let them again dry out completely then pop into the box and you are ready to go.

Bonsai / Bonsai Starter kit:  Take the plant out of the external box, water every day (just use a drink bottle), keep in a cool area outdoors  until you would like to gift (please make sure you unwrap the Bonsai pot from all packaging so the tree  / plant can breathe.

Terrariums: You must take your plants out of the terrarium kitset  and care for them if you are keeping them for more than two days (or if it will be more than two days before they are with their end recipient.).  Take the plants out of the box, out of their cellophane bags and provide light and air, water once the soil is dry (succulents like to be dry so do not over water), pop back into the box the day of gifting.


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