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Bay (Laurus Nobilis / Large Planter Gifts)

The Bay tree is an evergreen highly valued for its aromatic leaves used extensively in culinary dishes for seasoning.  Slow growing (10-20cm per year)  it can eventually reach heights of 5+ meters however can easily be trimmed every summer to be kept small for container gardening.

Grows up to 5m+, can be pruned to keep smaller and works well for topiary
Suitable for planting throughout NZ in both container or garden, tolerates coastal conditions, likes warm areas.


Camellia  produces good-sized flowers during mid March to early June. Slow growing, upright to spreading shrub or small tree with age. Oval, glossy leaves and profuse winter to spring blooming flowers in milder climates.

Grows up to 1.5m
Suitable for planting throughout NZ in both container or garden 

Our large planter Camellias come in a range of colours, we always hand pick the best across our range to send for you - if you are looking for a specific colour please call 0800 87 33 44 prior to ordering.  Current smaller variety - Yuletide (Red)

Feijoa (Sellowiana / Unique)

The Feijoa is an evergreen shrub which originates from South America. It is both a useful landscape ornamental plant with its showy flowers against its grey/green foliage and provides fantastic fruit for eating.  All Tree Gift Feijoa Tres are self fertile.

Grows up to 3m
Suitable for planting throughout NZ in both container or garden settings.. 

Kowhai (Dragon's Gold) - Dwarf

Kowhai is famous for its beautiful brilliant yellow racemes of nectar-rich flowers, which appear in early spring.  They are a favourite food for NZ native birds such as the Tui and Wood Pigeon. Kowhai is an evergreen variety producing greenish yellow leaves over a long period from winter until mid spring.

Dragons Gold - Grows up to 2m - Suitable for container & Garden

Note:  Kowhai may be smaller than that pictured on our website over the Winter where growth is slowed - of course, being living trees - they will grow in Spring :)

Lemon (Meyer / Eureka)

Lemons are one of the easiest and most reliable fruiting trees for NZ gardens. The clean, dark green foliage forms a medium sized plant with waxy white fragrant flowers which appear in spring, summer and autumn. 

Grows up to 1.5m 
Suitable for planting throughout NZ in both container or garden

Lime (Tahitian / Bearss)

Lime trees are vigorous trees with bold dark green leaves which are slightly serrated at the edges. The fruit are small to medium in size, with thin skin turning a pale yellow at maturity. The Lime's flesh is wonderfully juicy and is without seed. Fruit ripens in winter and is a fabulous addition to any garden. Tree Gifts NZ sends both Tahitian and Bearss Lime dependent on season.

Grows up to 1.5m 
Suitable for planting throughout NZ in both container or garden 

Magnolia (Figo Port Wine and Little Gem seasonally)

Magnolias are evergreen and one of the first trees to lift the veil of winter, their fresh and vibrant flowers gracing bare branches in spring. Flowering early in the season, with their thick, waxy petals forming goblets on bare branches, a mature magnolia in full bloom is a breathtaking sight.  Other varieties such as Mixed Up Miss and Yunnanesis are often available in our large planter tree gift boxes throughout the year when available - they will be listed by their name on the product page when purchasing if available.

Grows 5m +
Suitable for planting throughout NZ in garden settings.

Mexican Orange Blossom  (Choiysa Ternata)

Over spring and into summer the evergreen Mexican Orange Blossom makes a beautiful show. It is a shrub from the temperate areas of Mexico with glossy dark green leaves and clusters of white flowers that have the fragrance of orange. 

Grows up to 1.5m, can be pruned to keep smaller
Suitable for planting throughout NZ in both container or garden 

Olive (Olea & El Greco seasonally )

To be admired for its soft grey-green foliage, blending well with other colours in the garden. The attractive smooth grey trunks and branches take on a gnarled, twisted look when this tree reaches maturity. The Olive is not only grown for its beauty but also for its very distinctive culinary fruit and oil. Olive trees prefer full sun and do not tolerate cold winters or having "wet feet".

Grows up to 1.5m 
Suitable for planting throughout NZ in both container or garden

Pohutukawa - Maori Princess & Mistral

The Pohutukawa tree has a deep spiritual meaning¬†for MńĀori which connects the beginning and ending of human life. In mythology, the red flowers of the tree represent the blood of the warrior Tawhaki, a spirit ancestor whom showed the way from earth to heaven but fell and died.

Suited for planting top of South & North Island Coastal Areas
Slow growing can reach 10+m on maturity (over 30-40 years)

Tea Tree - NZ Native Manuka & Kanuka

Originating in New Zealand the Tea Tree is a compact shrub with an abundance of double pink or white flowers with tiny grey-green leaves. Growing quickly it enjoys partial to full sun in a range of soils from acid to neutral. 

Growing up to 3m
Suitable for planting throughout New Zealand in both container and garden 

Trees may vary in size from those pictured on our website due to the growing nature of the trees within the seasons.  Rest assured, we will always select the very best tree for your gift from our nursery and of course, being a living tree (they will grow taller in the warmer seasons) rather than flowers which, lets face it, won't see next season (let alone two weeks from now!)

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